Powerful messages. Meanings. Stories. What makes good motivational communication? How to leave the biggest impact on your receivers?


First some real examples.

‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ Neil Armstrong

‘I Have a Dream’
Martin Luther King

‘Yes We Can’ Barack Obama

What do these messages have in common? What’s the subject of where they’re talking about? What’s the goal intended with these talks?

These messages have the inspiration of one person who wants to inspire other persons following him on his dream. If you want to lead people, you have to inspire them first. And how do you get people on the same dream? By telling them you’re one of them. you’re no different than others, but you don’t want to be the same in what you’re doing. That’s what’s getting attention. Definitely if you can tell it in simple words so everyone can easily remember your story.

These messages are about change. Movement. Getting people involved for your dream. If you can paint the future you’re willing to have you should letting your listeners believe they can have it too. The more you have in common with them, the more easily you’re getting them following you. So tell your story in simple words, tell them you’re one of them and finally that you’re dream is possible for them as well.

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