Looks sells and there’s a good reason for. Why am I saying this? Because I personally hate advertising. Selling stuff you don’t need. Therefor I don’t advertise myself.

Good products don’t need ads

Good products don’t need ads. Lamborghini doesn’t have ads. If you need to distinguish your product means you are not unique enough. Sorry man, try to begin something new!

Stuff that need to be advertised are unnecessary

Stuff that need to be advertised are unnecessary. With advertising I mean promoting stuff to increase sales. But let I try to explain it a little more. To get known for what you do you need to promote yourself. So ‘advertising’ in the case of brand awareness isn’t a bad thing. But advertise stuff you don’t need is in my opinion a waste of time, energy and nature. The last for using raw materials that could had be used better!

Beauty attracts

Beauty attracts. This is my final point. If you make really good products or have a really good service customers know to find you. They tell your story. They are proud owners of your products and distinguishes themselves with having an iPhone or driving that Porsche 911.

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